Saturday, August 1, 2009


I sit in a room thinking
Looking out at the unseen horizon
Picking up from where I had left the day before
The cool wind upon my face, is no more
It no longer pleases me,I am no longer thinking
But the wind blows and blows
I see it unable to fathom its intangibility
A murmur , a crowd, they sing along
A thought , a lonely whisper, I am dying to hear
A dream to live, a touch to feel
A touch I wont feel, no more
I am, not me,no more...............

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just another flower in a field

The greenfields, my evergreen life
Sunshine and rain
Dried grass, waterpuddles,
My life, my evergreen life.
A wild flower in its midst
Alonely one, the only one
The sunshine, it grows.
With the rain, it grows.
My little wild flower.
Playing with the wind.
In the midst of my life.
The green fields, & nothing more...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


The wheels were set in motion,
The wind was ruffling my hair,
I felt the centre of gravity shifting,
Everyone was in black.

The evening was bright and gay,
The cry of a dying heart went unheard,
Over the sounds of laughter,the sound of a silent smile.
It was to be a night of mixed emotions.
All in all the perfect emotion was one of confusion,
And I felt that somehow it was a compromise.

I dont know whether I was present there,
But I certainly remember that I had left.
A last glimpse through a pane,through pain.
Something shattered,but somehow it was not the glass.......

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Star Falls Down

Its a clear night sky
but it has no stars
gone are those days when they use to shine,
they twinkle no more,
its a time to be in the light of truth,
not in the mist of any star,
they fall like angels in the devils snare,
but their divinity isn't rare,
and still subconsciously i stare,
hoping to catch a glimpse,
of the days that hav past,
of the times that had been,
or so it seemed,
i luk up,
i luk back,
all is dark,
all is black,
the moon is enveloped in the black gown,
and its time the star falls down.

Friday, July 6, 2007


Rain drizzles down &covres the dusty roads,
clouds have gone now,
the sky is alone now,
every bit of companion he had has now evaporated,
exhausted themselves with time,
but the sky remains,
everything looks up to it,
it looks up to see nothing,
there aint even darkness above him........

Lost in thoughts

The sun shines behind the white wisps
its autumn
the leaves fall
birds fly out
nature prepares us for the silence that lies ahead.
The time has come for separation,
and it all happens behind the veil of preparation.
Is the struggle necessary,
the silence wont be temporary,
winter will come and pass,
as it comes each year,
how can this year be different,
will things not remain the same after the dark days pass,
will the situation be any different,
even if it will be different,
how can that be relevant.
To prepare for the pain the cold
do we go through the most painful and the coldest
if preparations could always be sufficient
then there would be no such thing as unexpected.
why autumn
why do the birds fly out
why do the leaves fall
why does everything have to go through a transition?
Why do we always have to face conditions
why cant the snow cum at once and cover up everything
in a white darkness?
The snow will melt 1 day
we live with that hope
autumn provides us that hope
at least our lives will not go in vain
we hope we live and we survive

A new beginning or the end

Once again i pick up my pen
hoping to potray in words,
the thoughts
that suffocate my mind
but somehow,somewhere,
those thoughts jumble up my insane mind.
I seek for sanity
in the emptyness........
I have lost
the memories that were my treasure
my only possesions
robbed in lieu of fake expectations.
Expectations which have thrown me to the ground
which have taken away everything
i ever lived for.
I am stuck in between the end
which was precious
and the beginning
which inspite of its temptations
has left me with a state of insanity
"A State of Disturbance"